I need to manage my time better..... April 20 2015

Lately I've neglected my website so much... I don't have the time to be Wife, Mammy, Ceramic artist, Ceramic teacher, website administrator, website designer blahdee blah .... sooooooooooooo .. something had to give and it's my beloved website. But please contact me on my facebook page the link is to keep up with whats going on in the ceramic world that is my life..... January 08 2014

I'm selling my work on

I'll be uploading images of some of my clay sculptures soon, I'll keep you posted!!!

Follow me on Pinterest!!!! November 01 2013

Follow my boards and see what interests and influences me..... You'll be suprised, I was!!!!!

The link to my pinterest page is at the bottom of my home page!

Pinterest October 31 2013

I'm addicted to pinning on Pinterest, follow my boards and see if you like any of the things that caught my eye!!!!

I am selling my artwork on the saatchi online Gallery October 09 2013

Pinterest August 27 2013

I think I'm addicted to Pinterest. For those of you who aren't on Pinterest get pinning it's great fun!!!

I'm still here!!!! August 27 2013

It's been a mad couple of months work wise.  I'll have more pieces up on the site soon......Promise!!!!!!!

Few new works uploaded today!!!!!! July 12 2013

I hope you like my new pieces, I've been working hard on them and enjoying every minute of it...........

New works on the way! July 09 2013

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my work so far. I'm working hard to produce new pieces and my site looks very bare... But they are on the way!

Press Releases July 05 2013

Please follow the links below: has arrived May 28 2013

 My Piece "From the Corner of My Room" has been chosen for exhibition on the second floor of the Saatchi Gallery!!!!!! I am over the Moon!

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